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Diabetic Smoothie Recipes : Top 365 Diabetic Friendly Easy to Make/Blend Delicious Smoothie Recipes, Paperback by Kassi, K. M.; Stewart, Annabel, ISBN 1532926413, ISBN-13 9781532926419

There are a lot of healthy recipes in store for you. Go ahead and make your first This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to prepare the Top 365 Diabetic Friendly Easy to make/blend Delicious Smoothie Recipes. Creating a perfect glass of creamy smoothie requires proper timing, the right amount of water, and the perfect kitchen appliance. Here are some important tips for you to keep in mind as to not waste the ingredients and start all over again. Smoothies and Refrigeration TimeMaintain a creamy smoothie, you need some refrigeration time. The ice cubes will melt or the ingredients will soak up the creamy texture. Rule of thumb is to add chia seeds or flax seeds for that thick consistency. Should your smoothie turn into a porridge-like consistency, just add coconut milk or even water to help dilute it. Fruits – Fresh, Canned or Frozen? Diabetics should have restricted access to refined sugar. Canned fruits have hidden sugars that will affect the glycemic levels. It is advised to use fresh fruits instead. But what if the fruit you need is out of season? The next best thing to do is head to the frozen section. Frozen fruits will make sure your smoothies stay smooth and creamy. Don’t Add SugarYou can always substitute sugar with natural sweet tasting products such as raw honey or Stevia (powdered or liquid). Further in the recipe book, you will be introduced to green and leafy vegetables. An example would be the arugula. It has a distinct taste which may not suit your taste buds. Curb its after-taste by choosing stronger-flavored ingredients like mangoes. Be reminded you only need half a mango’s cheek if you are diabetic since it is very sweet. I hope you enjoy it!Let the recipes in this book lead the way to a happier and healthier life.Tags: Diabetes, Diabetic Cookbook, Diabetic Recipes, Special Diet, Diabetic and Sugar- Free, Cookbooks, Food and Wine, Smoothie Recipes, Diabetic Smoothie Recipes, Diabetic Smoothie, Ketogenic Diet, Ketogenic Smoothies

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